Parent/Student Handbook

2021-2022 Handbook

Policy on Parent and Family Engagement

English Spanish

McClure Student Expectations

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be a Peaceful Problem Solver

Uniform Policy

All students must wear navy blue pants, skirts or jumpers and white collared shirts.   During cold weather, students may wear a navy blue or white sweater or sweatshirt (no hoodies preferred).  NO open toed shoes are allowed at school.  Sneakers should only be worn on gym days.  McClure has implemented a gym uniform policy this year (navy blue sweatpants, navy blue “Panther Pride” t-shirts, and sneakers).  T-shirts will be available for sale through the school.

Attendance/Lateness Policy

If you child is absent, you are required to submit a written note within three school days of the child’s return.  Failure to do so will result in the absence being coded “unexcused or illegal.”  After three unexcused/illegal absences, you will receive a C-31, which is a legal document stating your child’s absences and a MtSS Plan will be initiated.  Students with excessive excused absences and latenesses will also have an MTSS Plan initiated.

The School District of Philadelphia Attendance Policy:

“The Attendance Policy: After nine (9) cumulative absences for illness for which a parent writes an excuse note, the 10th absence for illness must be accompanied by a physician’s note. In addition, if a student arrives after 10 AM or leaves before 1 PM without a valid excuse note, the student will be marked in the School Computer Network as half a day unexcused. Two half days will add up to one full day in the School Computer Network.”

Keep in mind, again, that the excuse note must be turned into the classroom teacher within three days of the absence; otherwise it will be considered “unexcused or illegal.”

Late arrival interferes with school and class procedures.  Students are considered late if they are not with their lines in the schoolyard and enter in through the Marshall Street door.  Students are expected to arrive at school on time and enter the building in line with the class. Once the classes have entered the building, students must enter the Marshall Street door to receive a late pass.